Here’s A Look At A Bunch Of Games Being Featured At PAX Rising This Year

PAX Rising 2024

The team at PAX Aus has announced the first of many games that will be featured at this year’s PAX Rising at PAX Aus 2024.


PAX Rising is a vital part of the convention that has been specifically created to provide a platform for the best of the indie development scene locally and internationally, highlighting a selection of exciting independent tabletop and video games for your enjoyment. 


Here’s a closer look at the games announced so far. Keep an eye on PAX Aus’ PAX Rising page for any new additions as we loom closer to the event.

Dolven (Covyne Entertainment)

Dolven is a fantasy turn-based strategy RPG with a deep card-based battle system. Following the events of The Necromancer’s scourge upon the northern townsfolk, guide a band of mercenaries through the Decaying Isles in order to rid the land of evil. Use the Pillars to create a variety of combos to earn mana and gain advantage over the recent evil plaguing the land of Dolven.

Card battles include hand-to-hand combat, where the cards provide characters with additional skills. The Pillars allow you to create various hand combinations that range from matching cards and suits, playing a pivotal role in your quest to accumulate more Mana, Gear, Cards, Skills and even exerting influence over the game’s environment. Strategic planning is of utmost importance.

>> Wishlist on Steam

Super Bawk Bawk Chicken (Daytime Devs)

Run, Jump, Dash, and Bawk your way through this quirky infinite runner. As a charming chicken with super powers, you’ll collect whacky items, catch rowdy rascals and soar to new highscores in Super BAWK BAWK Chicken!

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Fishbowl (

Fishbowl is a slice of life, coming of age story told over a month. Video call loved ones, work from home, sort through puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, do care tasks and get to know yourself better, one day at a time.

>> Wishlist on Steam

Bin Off (Dapper Cranium Studios)

Challenge your friends to a bin-off!

Strategically sort waste and build up points for each filled bin you claim. With gameplay that references real-world recycling and waste management strategies, Bin Off is sure to be a fun AND educational addition to your board game sessions!

>> Official Website

Bin Off - PAX Rising

Aethermon (Aethermon Studios)

Join Rika, Haru, BEB0, and Followoof on a set-collecting adventure with Aethermon: Collect. This easy-to-learn and fast-paced game features both competitive and co-operative modes, making it a perfect fit for any gaming group. Behind every card, players will uncover the mysteries and rich lore of the 48 beautifully-illustrated Aethermon. The World of Aethermon awaits!

>> Official Website

Aethermon Collect - PAX Rising

Hissy Fit: Make Snake Break (Panda Arcade)

HISSY FIT: Make Snake Break is an action-packed physics sandbox game full of destruction and mayhem!

>> Official Website

Hissy Fit - PAX Rising

Crayne: Fractured Empire (Krunchy Games)

Crayne: Fractured Empire is an epic, strategic, high-fantasy deck-building card game for 1-6 players, set in the world of Crayne. The game has over 100 unique high-quality illustrations and 225 cards in the base set!

In Crayne: Fractured Empire, the construction of a strong deck during gameplay is the main focus of the game. The cards provide a type of in game currency called revenue which allows players to purchase more/better cards to add to their decks which they can eventually use to overpower their opponents with relentless attacks. The game also utilities some same-time play rules, indirect combat and discard discount system, and has much depth and strategy.

Crayne: Fractured Empire features eight unique factions that the players (called Lords) can recruit to aid them in conquering the other Lords. Each faction has its own strengths and unique talents. In addition each game is played with randomized factions, which leads to many different combinations of play-styles. Lords will have to come up with a strategy on how to win on-the-fly, whilst utilizing the factions that are available for purchase and adapting to the moves of their opponents.

>> Official Website

Crayne: Fractured Empire

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My Father Lied (Lunar Games)

“My Father Lied” is a first person point and click mystery game that tells the story of Huda, who finds herself following an unfathomable secret regarding her father’s 20 years disappearance.

>> Wishlist on Steam

The Last Werewolf (Unnatural Freaks Studio)

The Last Werewolf is a narrative driven supernatural mystery where you play as Lachie, a twenty-something lone werewolf, who’s in search of more like her. Meet new people, explore the supernatural and learn more about Lachie’s origins.

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The Score (Tin Star Games)

The Score is an all-new kind of collaborative story game that lets you create the world’s greatest heist movie with just 18 cards in under 18 minutes of game time. It’s a revolutionary take on shared storytelling that needs no GM, no complex rules, no hefty rulebooks and gives you all the idea prompts you need to be the mastermind.

>> Official Website

The Score

Box Knight (Wemat Studios)

A funny, silly and irreverent action RPG roguelike. A mix of ‘the Office’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ with a comic like aesthetic.

>> Wishlist on Steam

Roving Rangers (Mini Mammoth Games)

Roving Rovers is an extra-terrestrial survival simulation, in which players are tasked with setting up the first stages of a lunar colony using a remote control rover. Alongside the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, Roving Rovers has grown from a humble recreation of the Australian Rover Challenge and become a potential to experiment with current research into lunar soil and it’s uses. With a backing of excited researchers, Roving Rovers is on it’s way to become a realistic a commercially available tool to experiment and determine the most efficient and safe methods of creating a lunar colony. Furthermore, with the success of Roving Rovers, it can become instrumental in creating habitable colonies in the wider galaxy.

>> Official Website


Tickets are still available for purchase here.

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