11 Of Our Favourite Women In Video Games

Women in Video Games

March is Women’s History Month, a month to highlight women’s contributions to events in history and contemporary society. To celebrate this, the NextPlay team have selected their favourite women in video game history.

Lara Croft

As seen in the Tomb Raider series.

Women in video games - Lara Croft

Selected by MARBROLAY:

Arguably the most iconic female character in the gaming industry. It was on October the 25th, 1996, that we were all introduced to Lara. A fearless archaeologist adventurer who would make the great Indiana Jones proud as punch. With her dual-wielding pistols and generous lady lumps, she appeared in video games worldwide and as a pin-up girl on bedroom walls. She became more than just a video game character. She was portrayed as a strong, confident woman who could hold her own against anyone, some would say, a role model or even a mentor.

Besides her striking good looks and intelligence, Lara represented a way forward for women in video games. She appealed to both male and female gamers, demonstrating that female video game characters can be strong, independent and a breath of fresh air from the typical male action characters we find in so many games. Lara is not just a one-dimensional character either. We have all seen her grow and change as a person. Her adventures have been exciting and engaging, with each one offering something different from the last.

Also selected by Mikey Barrow:

Lara has been a staple in video game royalty for coming on almost 30 years! She was arguably the first female protagonist to dare to take on and conquer the boys. I’ve been a fan of Lara and the games (and movies) since way back then, and let’s face it. She’s the Madonna of video games, able to evolve and charge according to the times. She is the main character of a timeless series.

Jill Valentine

As seen in Resident Evil

Women in video games - Jill Valentine

Selected by MARBROLAY:

Who doesn’t love an ass-kicking zombie killer? Well, that’s exactly what Jill Valentine is. First introduced in the 1996 mega-hit Resident Evil as one of two main playable characters, giving players the option to play as a male or female throughout the entire story. She then returned in 1999’s Resident Evil 3 Nemesis as the main protagonist showing the world that a female character can rock & roll with some big-ass monsters on her own.

Yes, Jill is smart, sexy, strong, and resourceful, but she is also one badass woman you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. Not scared to get her hands dirty or get covered in a bit of blood, Jill shows her skills and strength throughout the games. She also shows emotions of frustration and fear, making her personable.

Jill is yet another female character in the video game world that has proven that she belongs and holds her very own in a someone saturated male gaming field. From her perfectly positioned brunette hair that never seems to miss a beat to her tailored trademark singlet tops that show just enough skin to tease the market, making her appealing to both female and male gamers. Starting off as a simple video game character in a zombie-infested world, Miss Valentine has grown into something much bigger. From Toys and Hollywood movies to covers of magazines. I don’t think you could attend a cosplay advent without seeing someone dressed up as the delightful Jill Valentine.


As seen in The Walking Dead series

Women in video games - Clementine

Selected by Jamie Briggs:

Very few video games allow you the opportunity to see a character age alongside their story, which is one of the reasons Clementine is such a special character. We first meet Clementine as a young child, playing as Lee, protecting her and keeping her safe. But as Clementine grows up across multiple games, she becomes one of the most badass, dependable, and loyal video game characters there are.

We also get to feel an extremely personal connection with ‘our’ version of Clementine as we get to make important decisions and dialogue choices and grow up alongside her on her own personal journey. I will always remember and appreciate Clementine’s story, which is why she will always be one of my favourite video game characters.

Chloe Frazer

As seen in the Uncharted series

Women in video games - Chloe Frazer

Selected by Jamie Briggs:

Initially, Chloe was introduced not only as an opposing love interest to Elena but also as someone appearing to manipulate Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2. However, the character was so captivating, immensely due to Claudia Black’s incredible voice performance, that Chloe became a series mainstay, even eventually featuring as the lead in her own Uncharted game (alongside Nadine Ross) in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Chloe is a well-developed character that fans absolutely adore; with many Uncharted fans I know proclaiming Chloe as one of their franchise favourites. I loved her character evolution from Uncharted 2 and it was great seeing her transform to the person we see in Lost Legacy. She is a strong, kind-hearted, and caring person, an individual you could always count on when times were tough.


As seen in the Horizon series

Women in video games - Aloy

Selected by Hannah Rapley:

She’s a fearless, strong, independent girlie who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. Despite growing up as an outcast and not knowing who her true family was, Aloy never let this get in the way of her showing others compassion and helping those who needed it. Her commitment to uncovering not only the truth about her family but her world is nothing but inspiring.

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All of the Pokémon Moms

As seen in the Pokémon series

Pokémon Moms

Selected by Hannah Rapley:

Yes, it’s incredibly annoying when you’ve literally just stepped out of a gym and your mum rings in game just to say she’s gone and spent your heard earned money on 3 potions, but I tell you what, there’s never been a moment where I haven’t been grateful for that. Besides, what else are you spending your Poké money on? The slot machines to try to win yourself a Pikachu? As they say, mothers know best, and Pokémon Mums are the best there ever were.

Mona Sax

As seen in the Max Payne series

Selected by Mikey Barrow:

Mona got done dirty by not being in the third game, but when they made her a dual main character in Max Payne 2, she excelled in being such a complex character and played the whole ‘Femme Fatale’ character to a tee. A hitman by trade, only she could melt Max’s heart after the loss of his family. Thought to be dead, there was a little easter egg in Max Payne 3, giving a glimmer of hope.

Samus Aran

As seen in the Metroid series

Women in video games - Samus

Selected by Berto (pause_gamer):

Inspired by Ridley from the Aliens movie. She’s the silent protagonist of the Metroid series, a pioneer in action-adventure games. In a genre dominated by male characters, it was a shock to many when she revealed herself at the end of Metroid. I think it’s great to have her as an integral part of Nintendo’s library, with iconic games such as Metroid Prime and Super Metroid, two games that created their own set of genres in the industry, which is a rare feat.

Chun Li

As seen in the Street Fighter series

Chun Li

Selected by Berto (pause_gamer):

An icon of fighting games. The very first female character that was playable in a fighting game. Hard to believe it, considering fighting rosters are now diverse and rich with unique characters. With her iconic leg abilities, it took some mad skills and familiarity to make the most of her deadly moves. My favourite fighter in Street Fighter and fighting games in general, it began all from the original on the SNES and arcade. Chun-Li continues to be as popular as ever and is still integral to the Street Fighter franchise even after 33 years and multiple games.

The Women of Apex Legends

As seen in Apex Legends

Women of Apex Legends
Art by @Kiki_3D_ on X

Selected by Brad Goodwin:

There are currently 25 legends playable in Apex Legends, and 12 of them are women! The backstories of these women are extraordinary, and Respawn has crafted a respectable and diverse group of women to play in the popular Battle Royale game. When it comes to women in video games in the modern era, these are some of the first women I think of.


As seen in Final Fantasy X


Selected by Brad Goodwin:

Step aside Tidus, Yuna is the true main character of Final Fantasy X. The captivating journey of Final Fantasy’s 10th game is a beautiful one that follows Yuna on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. The personal growth you witness during the pilgrimage is outstanding, and her warm reception sparked the first sequel in Final Fantasy history with Final Fantasy X-2, which features her as the main playable character. Shoutout to Lulu, Rikku, and Paine.

Who are your favourite women in video games? Comment below!

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