Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Is Coming Out In 2025

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Release Date

Nintendo has announced during their June 2024 Nintendo Direct that Metroid Prime 4, first announced at 2017’s E3 event, will be officially titled “Metroid Prime 4: Beyond” and will be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2025.

Watch the brand-new trailer:

The new trailer gives us a quick glimpse into the gameplay and cinematics featured in the newest entry into the Metroid Prime series including combat and some morph ball action.

The game joins Metroid Prime Remastered and Metroid Dread on the Nintendo Switch as well as Nintendo Switch Online games: Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion.

Samus returns | Nintendo

Will Metroid Prime 4: Beyond be coming to the new Nintendo console?

Nintendo has only announced Beyond for the Nintendo Switch; however, it will be released in the same year as the Switch’s successor, so expect confirmation when the console is officially announced.

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