Pipsqueak! Is A Charming Aussie-Made Metroidvania With Huge Potential


Pipsqueak! is a metroidvania (or mousetroidvania) game developed by Pond Games, based in Adelaide, South Australia. A demo for the game has just launched on Steam, as well as a Kickstarter campaign which is detailed below.

Pipsqueak! follows Tofu, an adorable yet fierce mouse exploring a strange and hostile world. Uncover the truth of this expansive world and your place within it through exploration, discovery, combat, and platforming challenges. Bring hope to this dying world and its tiny inhabitants in this grand adventure of mouse-sized proportions!

Upon booting up Pipsqueak!, you can’t help but notice the beautiful and striking pixel art environments. Navigating each area was fun, with many obstacles and enemies forcing a halt in your exploration. One thing I love in metroidvanias is when there are hidden treasures in concealed areas, and there were already a few of those in the short demo.

Treasure chests are scattered throughout each area, offering money, but most excitingly, earrings. Earrings can be equipped by Tofu and offer many different perks, including extra hearts and more. I’m really interested to see what other perks make it to the game as I can imagine it would quite literally be gamechanging.

The demo ends with pretty neat boss fight. I can only assume this is one of the first bosses of the game, so it will be interesting to see just how difficult the boss fights will get.

All in all, I’m very excited to see where this game goes. Pipsqueak! is bolstered with charm and has a clear and concise art direction, too. The Kickstarter page has more insight into where this game is heading, so make sure to check that out.

Back Pipsqueak! On Kickstarter

At the time of writing, Pipsqueak is almost 50% backed! You can back this Aussie made game right here. The campaign has 4 weeks left – let’s support local indie games!

>> Pipsqueak! by Daniel – Kickstarter

If you are unable to back the project, you can still help by sharing it with your friends!

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