Brad Goodwin



Brad has been gaming since his parents bought him a Gameboy Color in the 90s. His favourite series are Final Fantasy, Pokemon, The Last of Us, and The Legend of Zelda. Games aside, watching Melbourne Storm win and vinyl record collecting are his hobbies. Keep up with Brad everywhere at @brad_exp.

Favourite Console: PlayStation 5
Favourite Game:
Final Fantasy X
Favourite Music:
Lady Gaga, The Weeknd




Mikeey loves AAA games that tell incredible and exciting stories. Mikeey streams weekly over on Twitch and has been in content creation for over 8 years now. Got his start in game reviews and news 2 years ago and loves nothing more than discussing games all day long. Also a huge anxiety advocate. What he wants written on my grave: Mikeey is a person who sits in a cubicle and has feelings about video games. He is an expert of nothing and his opinions are partially wrong.

Favourite Console: Xbox 360
Favourite Game:
Mass Effect 2
Favourite Music:
Dua Lipa, 80’s Music




Hannah’s gaming journey began with a Gameboy Advanced and a copy of Pokemon Crystal she received for her 10th birthday in the early 2000’s.

These days Hannah is all about family friendly games she can play with her son and cosy games – particularly those which fall into the “character inherits a farm which you must restore” realm. In saying that, she adores the Pokémon and Final Fantasy franchises.

When Hannah isn’t gaming or adulting, she’s collecting Pokémon cards, building Warhammer minis or reading.

You can find Hannah everywhere at @eeramz or on Twitter/X @eeramz_

Favourite Console: Nintendo Switch
Favourite Game: 
Favourite Music: 
Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance, Anberlin


Jamie Briggs


Jamie (better known as Jamiex66) loves indie games, chasing a Platinum Trophy, and talking way too much about The Last of Us.

His first video game console was a SEGA Mega Drive, and he has been gaming ever since. He has fond memories of Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Streets of Rage, and playing Pokémon Red until the early hours of the morning on his Game Boy.

Jamie has been writing about video games for over a decade and has a passion for sharing his love of video games with anyone who will listen.

You can find Jamie on Instagram, where he raves about his favourite games almost every day, or his additional written content on his personal blog. 

Favourite Console: PlayStation 5 (current), PlayStation 3 (all time)
Favourite Game: The Last of Us
Favourite Music: Timecop 1983, The Knocks, MUNA


Marissa (marsxogames)


Marissa is a big fan of fantasy rpg’s and loves diving into a story driven game and getting lost in an open world. Most of the games she plays are AAA titles, but also loves a cute farming simulation, and has been branching out into some indie games as well lately. Marissa grew up as an xbox gamer, but made the switch to Playstation 5 when it was released. She loves her Nintendo switch to play Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, and she also loves turning her gaming setup into the ultimate cosy space to come home to after a long day at work. When she’s not playing the latest titles, you can find her either catching up on the Playstation exclusives, reading fantasy & romance books, or drawing characters from her favourite games.

Favourite Console: PlayStation 5
Favourite Game: Dragon Age: Origins
Favourite Music: Indie pop / rock bands


Berto (pause_gamer)


Been a gamer since my first console the NES and Super Mario. Never looked back, I have been very fortunate to have gamed through all the evolutions of consoles and PCs since then to now.

Being an ‘older’ gamer I’d say I’m a huge fan of all games and genres as long as the gameplay is solid and the game is fun to play! I can be a bit critical of games even if I make fun of consoles and specific genres, it’s just a bit of fun for my love of the hobby.

Lately I’ve been heavily invested in and more interested in the business side of gaming and video game companies.

Favourite Console: PlayStation 2 (all time)
Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Favourite Music: Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, The War on Drugs. Will listen to anything