TopSpin 2K25 Review

TopSpin 2K25 Review

TopSpin 2K25 feels like the ultimate tennis game, bringing with it the essential 2K gameplay experience you get with other franchises the sports publisher releases. The polish and detail that 2K has injected into the TopSpin series is nothing short of amazing. As far as sports games go, TopSpin is the only series I have ever felt a connection with. Having played the original TopSpin on Xbox back in the mid 2000s, the series feels ultra nostalgic to me. While it has evolved, TopSpin’s core gameplay in 2024 remains loyal to its origins.

TopSpin 2K25 features 48 real-world venues, including all four Grand Slam courts and, of course, the Rod Laver Arena. At launch, 25 Tennis pros are available to play, including Roger Federer and Serena Williams. 2K has announced that the roster will expand after launch and that pros will be added to the game at no extra cost. There are currently no Australian pros on the roster, which was disappointing, but hopefully we will see some amongst the post-launch content.

TopSpin 2K25 Review - Serena Williams
Serena Williams

The attention to detail in both the venues and the pro roster is unmatched. The character models look like their real-life counterparts. In fact, Roger Federer was motion-captured to capture his playstyle throughout the game. Most of the players on the roster have signature animations that showcase just how much effort the development team made in creating an authentic and diverse tennis experience.

Whether you are heading into this game as a TopSpin veteran or as a first-time player, you should check out the TopSpin Academy first. This mode is commentated by tennis legend John McEnroe and acts as the first introduction to the game and the various techniques you can use throughout matches. This mode gently guides players of all skill levels and sets them up for success in the game’s main modes.

TopSpin 2K25 Review - TopSpin Academy
TopSpin Academy with John McEnroe

In MyCareer mode, you play as an up-and-coming pro, which is created by you using MyPlayer. There is a hefty amount of customisation options to choose from: body customisation, apparel, which includes gear from adidas, Lacoste, Nike and more, as well as an option for your player to have prosthetics. Signature styles can also be selected. All of these options allowed me to feel a sense of uniqueness in my character. I felt like I wasn’t going to see a clone copy of myself in the online modes.

Once created, your character can play through tournaments and other events to earn EXP. EXP can be used to improve your MyPlayer’s skill points in techniques such as forehand, backhand, and serving. Skill points can also be used to improve speed, stamina, and reflexes. I felt so underpowered when starting MyCareer mode, but once I earned skilled points, I noticed how much difference these attributes made. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel unskilled at the start of your journey to stardom. This is only the beginning!

A new timing meter has been added during matches to assist with precision and accuracy during sets. If you struggle with quick-time events in video games, you may struggle to find enjoyment in TopSpin 2K25. Even on the easiest setting, you still need to get your timing correct, otherwise the ball will likely hit the net or out of bounds. It took me a hot minute to get used to the timing, but once I did, that’s when the fun kicked in. While the MyCareer mode is fun, I did feel like it required too much grinding. I would spend 20-30 minutes in a match only to lose and not gain as much experience as my effort warranted. But I get it. 2K want people to grind and keep coming back to their game. I just felt that effort could be rewarded a little better.

TopSpin 2K25 Review - Rod Laver Arena
Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open

If MyCareer isn’t your thing, there are still other modes to explore. Exhibition Mode allows players to play singles or doubles against friends locally or against AI. Online Exhibition mode will match you against a player of a similar skill level, with crossplay supported. At launch, multiplayer with your friends online is not available, but 2K has said that it will launch in May.

2K Tour mode pits pro players on the roster against other pro players. Each day, a selection of pro players is featured, offering players the opportunity to earn points and climb the prestigious 2K Tour leaderboard. I admire 2K’s ability to entice players to try out players on the roster with different strengths and weaknesses. 

In World Tour mode, players can take their MyPlayer online and challenge other MyPlayers, where they can earn tournament points and climb the global leaderboard by winning matches and tournaments. 

TopSpin 2K25 Review - MyPlayer

The overall presentation and experience of TopSpin 2K25 is a cohesive one. Accompanying the graphic excellence is a banger soundtrack featuring songs by The Weeknd, Drake, and Fall Out Boy. The tracklist of the soundtrack was curated well and never felt too overbearing.

The only thing I would add to TopSpin 2K25 is to make it more accessible for lesser-skilled players. I consider myself to have a good level of skill in completing timed button pushes, so when I imagine someone who may not have as much coordination or reflexes playing this game, I feel for them. Sure, this game may just have a specific market, but as the first entry of the series in 13 years, I thought this would be the best time to retain an audience as well as garner a new one.



The TopSpin franchise has been spoiled in its first game in 13 years, thanks to 2K’s modern day splash of paint. TopSpin 2K25 provides the best tennis experience we’ve seen in gaming so far, but is slightly held back by the need to grind to access certain content.


  • Character models of the pro players look akin to their real-life counterparts
  • The venues look fantastic
  • The 2K coat of paint looks nice on TopSpin
  • Plenty of modes and replayability
  • Upgrading attributes with skill points feels rewarding


  • While there are difficulty options, getting the timing right when hitting the ball will challenge certain players
  • A little too much grind to access locked content
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