The Game Expo (TGX) 2024 Recap — Back With A BOOM

The Game Expo started as a new convention in Melbourne last year (2023) and returned this year bigger and better than ever. Admittedly, last year, the content and participation were lacking, but by the looks of things, the organisers listened and came back to a success.

There are going to be growing pains, and last year’s effort was admirable, but people were just not too sure what to make of it or what it was. This year, there was much more transparency, accompanied by a lot more partners coming to show off their passion and projects.

There was truly something for everyone at The Game Expo this year, ranging from local game devs, artists, e-sports and the fan favourite, The Just Dance stage. But the most important part was the fans. There was a much more upbeat feeling this year as the majority of the floor was filled with people and booths.

I had a ball trying out indie games, with one being my personal favourite, Footy Bash: an NBA Jam-like take on AFL. When I was talking to the team, I brought up Arch Rivals; I was glad they knew what I was talking about. Along with that, there was quite an interesting card game called One Last Score. I’m in no way an expert on physical card games, but the passion and the way a representative of Good Gravy Media explained One Last Score to me had me intrigued and interested in playing this one.

In addition, they had guest panellists Ratana and Allegra Clark attend TheGameExpo and give their thoughts on voice acting and the games they have been involved with. They voice characters in games such as Genshin Impact, Street Fighter, Fire Emblem, and Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

There was a rest area for VIP ticket owners where media and creators could all meet up and get to know each other alongside networking. I had a great time there getting to know new people and talking to peers alike. TheGameExpo is an amazing time to be had by young and old. I hope they come back again soon so I can add an extra BOOM to my title.

Photos from TheGameExpo (TGX) 2024

Keep Up With TGX

The Game Expo will be posting a recap of this year’s event soon. Follow their socials to keep up:

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